Jarod Olds

Jarod Olds
Working with clients such as Autozone, ExxonMobil & Citibank, Jarod has supported a wide range of enterprise and mid-level size businesses in the tech sector. Integrating this into the HIT space, he manages the Phynd team whose role is to introduce the platform to the healthcare market. In his spare time, Jarod enjoys traveling, running marathons and visiting new coffee shops and breweries.
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Phynd Technologies Exhibiting at Upcoming HIMSS 2017 Conference and Exhibition

By Jarod Olds | February 03, 2017

We are looking forward to exhibiting at the HIMSS 2017 Conference and Exhibition, February 19-23 in Orlando, Fl.  If you are attending, visit us in Booth 7785; Innovation Zone - Kiosk 3 to learn about the Phynd Provider Information Management (PIM) Platform - the cloud-based,...

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Phynd Expands Customer Base

By Jarod Olds | December 13, 2016


Phynd Technologies is pleased to announce that two new healthcare systems will begin using the Phynd Provider Information Management (PIM) solution to improve and manage the accuracy of their healthcare provider information. The NorthShore University Health System (Chicago,...

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Why Maintaining an Effective Healthcare Provider Data Management Program is Critical

By Jarod Olds | October 20, 2016

As Hospitals and Health Systems evolve into Clinically Integrated Networks their credentialed and referring providers are increasingly likely to provide care in an expanded patchwork of settings. This complicates the challenge of managing critical information about these...

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UNC Health Care Chooses Phynd for Provider Data Management

By Jarod Olds | July 29, 2016

Phynding health systems that realize how critical provider data management is to running a profitable and efficient business, in this post-EHR era, is always exciting to us Phynders.

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The Provider Data Management Challenge

By Jarod Olds | July 20, 2016

In this post-EHR era, most healthcare organizations are unknowingly plagued with numerous healthcare provider data management problems. They still cannot ensure that critical information about their affiliated healthcare providers is consistently accurate and securely...

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What is a Provider to You?

By Jarod Olds | July 06, 2016

In the modern world of healthcare, various definitions arise when it comes to the precise meaning of the ‘Provider’ – is it the actual physician interacting with patients on a face-to-face basis or is it the larger group/institution that ‘provides’ care to the public and...

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Providing Value while Building the Client Relationship

By Jarod Olds | June 01, 2016


As hospitals and health systems around the country are coming to realize the benefits of using the Phynd Unified Provider Management (UPM) Platform, I’d like to take a moment to highlight a very important member of the Phynd team, the Client Success Managers, or CSM’s for...

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How Do You Determine the Effectiveness of an IT Solution?

By Jarod Olds | May 18, 2016

There has been much discussion lately in healthcare IT media about judging or determining the effectiveness of an IT solution. These conversations are the result of the plethora of solutions that are available today to aid in the delivery of healthcare. Some are expensive and...

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Come "Phynd" us at HIMSS16!

By Jarod Olds | February 18, 2016


As a healthcare professional, you are aware that the HIMSS Conference is a big deal. The 2016 HIMSS Annual Conference & Exhibition being held February 29 - March 4, 2016 in Las Vegas brings together 40,000+ healthcare IT professionals, clinicians, executives and vendors...

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Phynd Partners with North Texas Food Bank to Feed the Hungry

By Jarod Olds | December 22, 2015

Recently the Phynd Team in Dallas had an opportunity to take some time away from the office and give back to the local community. We had the privilege of partnering with the North Texas Food Bank to pack boxes with canned goods and other food provisions.

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How Likeable is Your EMR?

By Jarod Olds | October 23, 2014

How do you Achieve Administrative Efficiency with the PHYND Platform?

By Jarod Olds | October 16, 2014

Various studies estimate that administrative costs account for 14 to 18 percent of total health care spending in the USA. With the full blossoming of the Affordable Care Act in 2015, the affordability of health care will come under intense scrutiny from legislators,...

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The Problem with Provider Directories in the EMR and Ancillary systems

By Jarod Olds | October 07, 2014

Do You Have Active Provider Data?

By Jarod Olds | September 23, 2014

Data Siloes Abound

By Jarod Olds | September 16, 2014

Physician data exists all throughout the hospital environment. In fact the average healthcare facility has over 30 sets of physician data in various systems. However the problem is that this data is siloed in disparate data processing systems with each one being independent,...

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Yale Presenting PHYND at the Epic UGM on Sept 15th

By Jarod Olds | September 15, 2014

Millions Lost each Year due to ‘Provider on the Fly’

By Jarod Olds | September 09, 2014

A patient comes to the hospital, typically via the Emergency Department, requires admission, and when asked, provides the name of his/her primary care physician. Sometime later, a nurse or billing clerk searches for the provider information on the EMR system but either cannot...

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Radiology Fax Errors

By Jarod Olds | September 04, 2014

The function of radiology seems pretty simple and straightforward, right? Use various kinds of imaging to diagnose and treat diseases. This is done by interpreting the images, producing a report, then transmitting the findings to the appropriate physician and ultimately...

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Futuristic, ‘Digital’ $1.3 Billion Hospital

By Jarod Olds | August 28, 2014

Healthcare's Dirty Little Secret

By Jarod Olds | August 26, 2014

In health care delivery, timely communications and sharing of information is more than a nice idea – it’s essential. Yet, even today, provider communication and information-sharing failures are one of health care’s dirty little secrets. A wrong phone or fax number could...

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Your EMR System's Performance

By Jarod Olds | August 21, 2014

In compliance with federally-mandated Meaningful Use requirements, most healthcare institutions around the country have gone digital entirely or at least partially converted to electronic medical records. While the goal has been to increase the efficiency of care to patients,...

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