How do you Achieve Administrative Efficiency with the PHYND Platform?

By Jarod Olds | October 16, 2014


Various studies estimate that administrative costs account for 14 to 18 percent of total health care spending in the USA. With the full blossoming of the Affordable Care Act in 2015, the affordability of health care will come under intense scrutiny from legislators, regulators, insurance companies, consumer advocates, and others. Administrative costs will be one of the prime targets.

Improvements in information technology are the key to achieving administrative efficiency. The PHYND Active Provider Data (APD) platform will be an important part of the efforts by health care providers to do more with less, while at the same time improving both the quality and safety of patient care. Better managing the active provider data is an easy and natural place to start as it’s relatively simple and interacts with a large percentage of the hospital population. Without there being a large, up-front, capital expense, the PHYND platform consolidates all of your disparate provider data into one single, easy-to-manage provider profile. Its implementation is quick and easy as it’s only a Thin-Layer Platform (TLP) and can be installed in as little as 6 weeks in some cases. 

Unfortunately, the painful reality is that despite investing vast resources on information technology to eliminate manual, paper-based systems, some key processes have remained immune from the automated push in addition to not becoming more efficient. These processes are weak links that continue to sap productivity. The time is now for your health care facility to consider what it can do to eliminate excess costs and expenses. What more could you currently be doing now to save time, money and headaches later? It’s something to consider.

Jarod Olds

Written by Jarod Olds

Working with clients such as Autozone, ExxonMobil & Citibank, Jarod has supported a wide range of enterprise and mid-level size businesses in the tech sector. Integrating this into the HIT space, he manages the Phynd team whose role is to introduce the platform to the healthcare market. In his spare time, Jarod enjoys traveling, running marathons and visiting new coffee shops and breweries.

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