How Likeable is Your EMR?

By Jarod Olds | October 23, 2014


Hospitals all around the country have installed state of the art EMR platforms that have moved them from paper records to electronic digital ones. While this shift follows current trends in healthcare technology to match the 21st century complex problems we face, what are the perceptions of the folks who use the systems every day such as nurses, mid-levels, clinicians and others hospital staff? Do they find the systems simple, easy to use and effective?

A recent study by the New York based marketing group, Black Book Research, found the below results while sampling some 14,000 nurses around the country:

  • 94% of respondents said they do not believe that communication between the nurse and the rest of the care team has improved
  • 90% said their EHR system has adversely affected communication between nurses and patients
  • 85% said they struggle daily with flawed EHR systems
  • Just 26% agreed with the statement: "As a nurse, I believe the current EHR at my organization improves the quality of patient information" (Miliard, Healthcare IT News, 10/20)

Whether you love them or hate them EMRs are here to stay and improvements can be made to upgrade its current functionality. New tools, such as the PHYND Platform, can also enable more user satisfaction, better revenue cycle management and all round lead to better patient care. With that in mind, a large area of possible improvement lies in refining the quality of the provider data and making sure it remains fresh and accurate. Moreover, establishing a culture around better active provider data would not only help communication between providers, nurses, and patients, but also lower cost to your health system by avoiding the current billing delays due to bad phone, fax, and address information.

Jarod Olds

Written by Jarod Olds

Working with clients such as Autozone, ExxonMobil & Citibank, Jarod has supported a wide range of enterprise and mid-level size businesses in the tech sector. Integrating this into the HIT space, he manages the Phynd team whose role is to introduce the platform to the healthcare market. In his spare time, Jarod enjoys traveling, running marathons and visiting new coffee shops and breweries.

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