Increasing Safety and Patient Care by Reducing Health System Provider Information Costs

By Adrian Sanabria-Diaz | November 25, 2014


As outlined in the HITECH Act, health systems would need to show measurable results that they’ve been lowering costs to patients, improving their safety, and increasing the quality of care of the patients. Reducing the time it takes in managing this provider data would obviously result in cost savings to the health system that would trickle down to the patient. Currently there are little to no solutions available other than physically transferring this information from one area to another by inefficient methods. The other important aspects are safety and improving the overall quality of patient care. 

Safety would improve by the simple fact that more accurate provider information ensures things like the wrong doctor information is never transferred to another health system. Efficiency would be gained as a side effect and departments can start focusing their resources on other patient related aspects of their health system. Up to date data is the primary focus of our product and making sure your department is as accurate as possible be is what PHYND does. Finally, improving overall patient care is the most important thing that a health system would provide to their patients if the first two areas are met. 

Health systems are catching up with where technology is. Legislation and incentives are expediting this process and hopefully soon will get health care, with regards to the integration of technology, up to where it needs to be. An aspect of this as I’ve mentioned in this article is making sure that your providers’ data is up to date. Having a platform that organizes, verifies, keeps tracks, and is available from many technological mediums is essential to be efficient in this modern day and age. 

If you would like more information regarding the PHYND Provider Network Management Platform, contact Jarod Olds here to set up a demo or click here to setup a free webinar and we would be more than happy to tell you about PHYND in more detail.

Adrian Sanabria-Diaz

Written by Adrian Sanabria-Diaz

Incorporating his degree in physics within healthcare, Adrian helps facilitate some of the backend processes of our product including data management and front end web development. He likes to keep busy by attaining his pilot license as well as dabbling into Python here and there.

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