Modern day dilemma: How many employees does it take to enroll a new provider in a hospital’s EMR?

By Thomas White | February 04, 2015


Hospitals encounter providers daily that are not profiled in their EMR or financial software systems, they are essentially new to the system. New provider issues start at registration and scheduling, when a patient is being admitted or scheduled for an exam. These front-line employees look up the provider in their EMR, realize the provider is not in there and build a shell profile with data that is not complete and verified. This is not a small problem, typically they represent 10% of the total admits for a hospital, so not a small problem. 

Once the patient is processed, the problem profile is then left for the IT department to edit or delete. The IT staff has to identify the problem profiles. Then they research (Google search) the provider to figure who it is and what are their licenses. Since not all of this data is public, a partial profile suffices. This is what is used for discharge and billing. 

This process is expensive (hospitals will employee a full team to manage these bad profiles), slow, inefficient and prone to error. The hospitals we have interviewed constantly have a multi-day back-log of provider profiles that need to improved/changed.

Phynd offers a one-click “provider enroll” application on its platform. Registration and scheduling simply search on the provider in Phynd, click on their name to enroll them and then Phynd pushes the single provider profile into the EMR and other core systems. The profiles are immediately available for use. No waiting, no fact checking. This simply application saves hospitals $250,000 to $500,000 annually in cost. It typically is about 10% of the total admits for a hospital, so not a small problem.


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Thomas White

Written by Thomas White

Before founding Phynd, Tom co-founded Newscast Inc. and Vocada, Inc. With over 20 years of leadership experience, Tom has applied his knowledge in building software companies and creating new software categories from idea to large market share. He also serves as a mentor to the start-up accelerator Health Wildcatters.

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