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Announcing New Physician Referral Search Capabilities and New Investment

By Adrian Sanabria-Diaz | February 09, 2017


Phynd Technologies, Inc., continues leading the charge to simplify provider data management and amplify the organizational benefits of working with accurate provider data, by announcing the release of new capability to their Phynd Unified Provider Management (UPM) platform, called Phynd A Doc.

Phynd A Doc enables the curation, search and display of customer specific provider data from the Phynd UPM platform to enhance web searches via external and internal 'Find A Physician' search sites. Phynd A Doc significantly improves the granularity, effectiveness and accuracy of online provider search by referring physicians and the patient community, and benefits referral management and provider outreach.

Phynd Technologies also announces a new investment by Rex Health Ventures, the private investment arm of UNC REX Healthcare. This strategic partnership will strengthen Phynd Technologies and accelerate the development of new provider management tools. “We welcome opportunities to support promising companies that are improving the delivery of health care, and believe that the Phynd UPM platform offers an innovative solution,” said Steve Burriss, president of UNC REX Healthcare.

“Phynd A Doc is the first of many applications we will develop to leverage the value of the accurate provider data in the Phynd UPM platform”, says Tom White, CEO, Phynd Technologies. “This investment by Rex Health Ventures, and the IT and operations expertise that UNC provides, will strengthen our existing relationship and enable us to accelerate our development plans.”

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Adrian Sanabria-Diaz

Written by Adrian Sanabria-Diaz

Incorporating his degree in physics within healthcare, Adrian helps facilitate some of the backend processes of our product including data management and front end web development. He likes to keep busy by attaining his pilot license as well as dabbling into Python here and there.

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