The Complexity of Multiple Prescriber Numbers, Physical Addresses and Direct Addresses

By Thomas White | October 28, 2014


Most hospitals have 6 to 10 times the number of referring physicians as they do credentialed providers. For example, Yale New haven Health has 7,000 credentialed and 40,000 referring physicians. All of these providers are placed into data silos (EMR, warehouses, ancillary systems) with little oversight or management. Another complicating factor is E-prescribing and HISP vendors create multiple Identifiers on the same physician based on having more than one address. 

In my research I found a CMIO at a top tier health system in the US said the following on E-prescribing addresses: 

“Yes, this will be a maintenance challenge for sure as some providers may have 5-10 e-prescribing IDs for inpatient alone. Our users already have e-prescribing IDs for EPIC outpatient and if they have more than one clinic and thus more Epic e-prescribing IDs and multiple Cerner hospitals the fun just continues.” 

And another said this on Direct Addresses: 

“…Specialists that work at several hospitals and work in several clinics. They may have 5, 10, 15 or more direct addresses because they are organizational and EMR specific.” 

PHYND seamlessly manages multiple addresses and Identifiers. Each PHYND Profile allows health systems to receive these addresses for matching purposes but do not let this information overwrite verified (good data) such as primary billing/communication information in the EMR and other core systems. 

With PHYND hospitals can logically manage these external IDs/Addresses without lowering the quality of their internal data.

Thomas White

Written by Thomas White

Before founding Phynd, Tom co-founded Newscast Inc. and Vocada, Inc. With over 20 years of leadership experience, Tom has applied his knowledge in building software companies and creating new software categories from idea to large market share. He also serves as a mentor to the start-up accelerator Health Wildcatters.

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