White Paper: Why A Single Provider Profile Matters

By Thomas White | January 22, 2015



Sometimes there really is too much of a good thing, especially in health care systems. Take provider data for instance. Provider data lives in silos in almost all hospital IT systems and in all state/national directories. The slow advance of Direct Addresses and HISPs will only exacerbate this problem.

Gregory Graze, leveraging the 3rd party research being conducted at the University of Nebraska, has written a white paper entitled “Why A Single Provider Profile Matters” available here.

The white paper goes into detail the obstacles and high costs of manually trying to update silos of provider data. While not the sexiest of topics it is near and dear to our hearts. As product people, we clearly see the need for a single platform to manage provider information that is built for the front-line teams that engage with providers many times a day. Too many new products are designed and built for super techs versus the common man or woman. 

Give the white paper a read and let me know your thoughts twhite@phynd.com

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Thomas White

Written by Thomas White

Before founding Phynd, Tom co-founded Newscast Inc. and Vocada, Inc. With over 20 years of leadership experience, Tom has applied his knowledge in building software companies and creating new software categories from idea to large market share. He also serves as a mentor to the start-up accelerator Health Wildcatters.

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