UNC Health Care Chooses Phynd for Provider Data Management

By Jarod Olds | July 29, 2016


Phynding health systems that realize how critical provider data management is to running a profitable and efficient business, in this post-EHR era, is always exciting to us Phynders.

We are excited to announce that the University of North Carolina Health System (UNC Health Care), http://www.unchealthcare.org/, has selected Phynd Technologies to help them manage more than 20,000 providers across their six hospitals. The Phynd Unified Provider Management (UPM) Platform will enable the UNC Health Care System to improve their financial results, clinical outcomes, staff productivity and regulatory compliance by providing a secure, enterprise-wide platform for them to gather, manage and share critical data about the licensed providers that care for their patients.

Launched in 2013, PhynUNC_Health.pngd offers a Unified Provider Management (UPM) Platform that enables healthcare organizations to securely gather, manage and share mission-critical provider data across their core IT systems to improve financial results, clinical outcomes and compliance. The Phynd UPM is a comprehensive data management platform for gathering, validating and integrating the latest licensed provider data from multiple sources (external and internal) and provides workflow tools to manage and share that information within and across IT applications. Phynd’s UPM Platform is now used in more than 175 hospitals to manage a single, verified source of provider data sharable throughout the enterprise.

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Jarod Olds

Written by Jarod Olds

Working with clients such as Autozone, ExxonMobil & Citibank, Jarod has supported a wide range of enterprise and mid-level size businesses in the tech sector. Integrating this into the HIT space, he manages the Phynd team whose role is to introduce the platform to the healthcare market. In his spare time, Jarod enjoys traveling, running marathons and visiting new coffee shops and breweries.

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